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Rita Dargham, DMD - Miami Dentist - Bonding

go site Dental bonding is a technique in which a tooth-colored resin material ( a composite of plastic fillers ) is layered into or over a tooth to restore or improve the appearance, function, or stability of your smile. Using a special ultraviolet light, the composite resin is “bonded” to the tooth, restoring the natural form, esthetics, and shape of the dentition in just one visit. Dental bonding is chosen as an option to restore several conditions. These include, but may not be limited to, the following:

go • To eliminate spaces between teeth
• To lengthen teeth ( make them look longer )
• To change the shape of a tooth
• To repair cavities ( decay ) in teeth
• To replace silver amalgam restorations as a cosmetic alternative to traditional fillings
• To cover an exposed root surface caused by gum recession ( receding gums )
• To fix chipped, fractured, or cracked teeth
• To mask discolored teeth or unsightly stains

forex sälja pund Unless used to fill cavities, dental bonding usually does not require dental anesthesia. As one of the less costly dental cosmetic procedures, bonding requires very little removal of tooth enamel in the restoration of a beautiful and healthy mouth, allowing us to create that “Smile You Would Be Proud To Wear…ANYWHERE!”.