Teeth Whitening

http://stadsmagasinet.se/oskarshamn/tag/bergvarme/ Professional whitening is an effective and safe method of bleaching your teeth. The use of protective isolation of the gums allows for a relatively painless experience while utilizing a highly concentrated bleaching agent. A high intensity blue light activates the whitening gel over three fifteen minute treatment intervals, resulting in a 6-8 shade modification. Dr. Dargham and her team use the Zoom in-office whitening system. It generates results significantly more impressive than those obtained through over-the-counter products. To continue the lightening process. Dr. Dargham recommends home-whitening trays be used for two weeks after the Zoom therapy to achieve even greater and more predictable results.

see url There are two types of stains to consider. One (external stain) is the result of what is consumed (coffee, tea, red wine, berries, soy sauce) and could be easily removed. The other (internal stain) is usually developmental (medication-induced - like tetracycline staining, fever-induced, or high- fluoride induced). This type of stain is very stubborn, requires long-time whitening treatment, and is sometimes very resistant to bleaching.

Advantages of Teeth Whitening:

  • Teeth appear whiter and healthier
  • Reasonably easy, safe and inexpensive maintenance

Disadvantages of teeth whitening:

  • May result in temporary cold / air sensitivity
  • Dental restorations cannot be whitened

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http://www.fordbaris.com/?jiiias=forex-piyasas%C4%B1-uzman-tv&8f2=0b Please contact Dr. Dargham and her team to schedule your initial consultation. For your convenience, Dr. Dargham welcomes patients in one of two locations (Coconut Grove Dental Clinic and Biscayne Blvd. Dental Clinic), both located in the heart of Miami Dade County.

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