Tooth Colored Fillings

go Tooth colored fillings, also known as source composite resins, are filling materials designed for esthetic dental restorations. Designed to mimic the shade of your natural tooth, composite resin is often used to restore dental cavities or for bonding front teeth. Composite resin is made of glass or quartz fillers added to a resin medium. This produces tooth-colored fillings. These offer an alternative to silver amalgam dental fillings, which are associated with an elevated risk of coronal or tooth fractures. This mixture of plastic and glass contains no metal and can be shaped to resemble a natural tooth.片岡翔-wiki HOW IS IT DONE?

currency rate live The procedure for placing a composite resin dental filling is more time consuming and technique sensitive than it is for an amalgam (silver ) filling:

  • Dr. Dargham may administer local anesthesia
  • The tooth is isolated from saliva and moisture
  • The infected part of the tooth is removed gently using a high and slow speed handpiece
  • The composite resin is layered into the tooth preparation, carefully hardening each layer using a special blue light
  • Once filled, the composite resin is shaped and polished to resemble a natural tooth, making certain your bite feels just right

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