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binaire opties trading Because the teeth located in the back of the mouth have multiple pits and fissures on their biting surfaces, these areas are at times difficult to clean even with proper brushing techniques.

To remedy this the first generation of sealants became available in the 1970s and were approved by the FDA. WHAT ARE SEALANTS?

Sealants are the thin plastic coatings that are painted over pits and fissures of the back teeth. These block food from being trapped and any sugar being changed to acid by the plaque bacteria present, thereby stopping the caries process.

binary option pair trading simulator HOW ARE SEALANTS PLACED?

Applying sealants requires no drilling or removal or tooth structure. The process is short and easy, requiring the washing of the tooth and quick placement of the protective shield using a special blue light to dry it into place.


Sealants are clear or white and can only be seen up close. They can last for as long as five to ten years and should be checked at each regular dental appointment. WHICH TEETH SHOULD BE SEALED?

Sealants should be placed on permanent premolars and molars as soon as they erupt completely into the mouth, ahead of any staining or caries they may occur.

Your child’s permanent back teeth should be sealed early on. Make sure your child visits Dr. Dargham during the early stages of tooth eruption. It’s during this time that important decisions, instructions, and guidance play important roles in the development of a healthy dentition.


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